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Max Giusti (1)
30 Years of Characters the 30/01/2015 Auditorium of Conciliation

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The clothes of dreams
The Italian school of costume designers for film From 17/01/2015 to 03/22/2015 Palazzo Braschi

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The voices from within...
Toni Servillo returns to direct and interpret the work of Eduardo From 01/20/2015 to 15/02/2015 Te...

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The Hotel is located near the GRA (the ring that embraces the great Rome) a strategic location for those arriving and those leaving. Our hotel is dedicated to travelers who appreciate the personality and style all Italian.

To tell us will be our rooms, where you can relax after busy days spent in the Eternal City, or after a long journey.



Hotel La Giocca

Via Salaria, 1223 - 00138 Roma -Italy
Tel. +39 06 8804411 - Fax +39 06 8804495 -